CBN Grinding Wheels


We are proud to introduce our very own Carbon Boron Nitride (CBN) Grinding Wheels. These wheels are ideal for sharpening all Wood Turning Tools, including V10 or any High Speed Steel (HSS) tools.

One of the advantages of CBN wheels is that you can sharpen without the requirement of coolant as the wheels don't overheat or burn the tools.  These wheels provide the excellent removal of steel while also delivering a sharp edge and smooth finish with very little effort. CBN wheels have a long life due to their slow wearing and as such never need to be redressed. These wheels can be mounted on a 3000 RPM or 1500 RPM beng grinder.

These CBN wheels have 40mm of grit across the width as well as 40mm of grit on the outer face.

Width - 40mm
Bore Diameter - 32mm
Available in 150mm Diameter or 200mm Diameter

 Part Numbers               

200mm diameter

150mm diameter

 80 Grit Grinding Wheel



 180 Grit Grinding Wheel



 240 Grit Grinding Wheel




CBN Wheel Reduction Bushes

Reduction bushes are required to fit the CBN Grinding Wheels to your grinder.

Size (Diameter)  

Part No.

1/2" P01278
5/8" P01280
16mm P01281
18mm P01279



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