3 Point Steady


Lathe specific 3 Point steady

These 3 Point Steady's will suit the model specified on the part number list seen below. The Vicmarc 3 Point Steady's are used as an aid to stabilise your work piece when turning.    

Below photos show examples of the different sizes and their part number:

VL150 80mm - V01090 VL200 100mm - V01094

Note: The VL200 does not include riser block shown

VL300 100mm - V01096  

Universal 3 point steady

The Vicmarc Universal 3 Point Steady, large and small, will work on most model lathes including our own. These 3 Point Steady's are adjustable in height and can also be adjusted inwards and outwards to find your lathes centre line.

The small 3 point Steady can be used on a lathe with a bed to spindle centre height from 145mm to 205mm. The large 3 point steady can be used on lathes with a bed to spindle centre height from 145mm to 305mm. See specifications and part numbers below. 

Below shows our full range of 3 point Steadies including part numbers.

Size    Capacity (dia) Part no.
VL150 80mm 8 - 80mm V01090
VL200 100 mm 8 - 100mm V01094
VL300 50 mm 8 - 50mm V01095
VL300 100mm (with riser block) 12 - 100mm V01096
Small Universal 30 - 150mm V01098
Large Universal 30 - 300mm V01099

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