Pen Blank Chuck


Drill a perfectly centred hole in your pen blank using this unique lathe chuck. This chuck includes two jaws that will hold your blanks perfectly centred at the headstock. Mount a drill chuck with your drill bit into your tailstock and advance the drill into your blank as it spins on your lathe. Advantages of this system:

  • Instant Set up and perfect centring
  • Vary the headstock drilling speed to accommodate your blank and bit
  • No "travel" limitations of a drill press quill
  • Will open from 8 - 25mm across flats. 

Direct threaded chuck -
M30 x 3.5,  Part No. V00279-1
M33 x 3.5,  Part No. V00279-2
1 1/4" x 8,  Part No. V00279-3
1" x 8,  Part No. V00279-6
1" x 10,  Part No. V00279-7
3/4" x 16,  Part No. V00279-8

Insert type chuck -
M40 x 2,  Part No. V00279-4

Please note: for insert type chuck, an appropriate insert to fit your lathe is required.
Inserts available for most threads. 
Click here for the list of inserts.

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