Screw Faceplates


Screw Face Plate 

Enables you to quickly remove the job from the Chuck and remount if necessary. Dovetail pick up is best suited to be held by the VM120/150 Standard Jaws (clamp mode).


Part No. V00425

Dual Screw Face Plate

You can use either side of this part by removing the screw and reversing the face plate.

Small dovetail side can be used with VM90/100 Standard Jaws (expansion mode) or the VM90/100 2 Step Dovetail Jaws (clamp mode).

Larger Dovetail Side can be used with VM120/150 Standard Jaws (expansion mode) or VM90/100 100mm Dovetail Jaws (clamp mode).


Part No. V00418

3 in 1 Screw Face Plate

This screw chuck has three alternative diameters of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm to give optimum support to any size of work. This Screw Face Plate comes complete with a woodscrew and has direct threads available to fit most lathes. Alternative thread sizes available by using Vicmarc Chuck Inserts.

Available in: 

Thread Part No.
1 1/4" x 8 V00419-3
1" x 10 V00419-7
1" x 8 V00419-6
5/8" Hole V00419-8
Blank V00419-9
M30 x 3.5 V00419-1
M33 x 3.5 V00419-2
M45 V00419-5

Screw Faceplates are often referred to as "screw chuck"

The below video shows the 3 in 1 Screw Face Plate capabilities.

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