d-dog5 Threaded LC7

Drive Dogs and Live Centres



Drive Dogs:    
Drive Dog MT2, 19mm Part No. V00342
Drive Dog MT2, 25mm Heavy Duty Part No. V00341
Drive Dog Multi

This consists of 3 individually removable Drive Dogs, 18mm, 26mm and 42mm, with a threaded adaptor.

Each three drive dog screws into a cone shaped adaptor so you can choose the size that best suits your type of work.  

Available in:
M33x3.5 - (direct thread)    Part No. V00344-2
M45x2 - (insert type)    Part No. V00344-5

Please note: for insert type a VM120/150 insert is required to fit to your lathe.  Inserts are available for mist threads.

Click here for a full list of inserts.

Drive Dog Threaded

Specially designed for salt and pepper shakers and candle holders.

Available in:
M30x3.5 - Part No. V00343-1
1 1/4" x 8 - Part No. V00343-3

Drive Dog, MT2 22mm Spring loaded Part No. V00345
Drive Dog Chuck Plate VM90/100 Part No. V00347
Drive Dog Chuck Plate VM120/150 Part No. V00346

The drive dog chuck plates are specially designed with a tapered plate to allow you to clamp it in a chuck with the Vicmarc Standard Jaws or opposition equivalent.



Live Centres:    
Live Centre MT2, Cup Light Duty Part No. V00271
Live Centre MT2, 20mm Cup Heavy Duty Part No. V00270
Live Centre MT2 Cone Light Duty Part No. V00261
Live Centre MT2, Cone Heavy Duty Part No. V00269
Professional Live Centre

Specially designed with four slots on the cup centre to discharge wood shavings when drilling through the tailstock.

Part No. V00268

Threaded Live Centres

M30 x 3.5 thread - Part No. V00272-1

M33 x 3.5 thread - Part No. V00272-2



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